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06-08-2005, 08:47 PM
Tips naman po diyan, especially sa mga tulad kong first timer. Yung mga may nalalaman po diyan, dito po tayo!

06-09-2005, 04:41 PM

Want to give your children the best-possible start in life? According to the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources, it?s never too early to give your child a good foundation for health -- and you can start as soon as you learn you are expecting.

? See a doctor or other health care provider from the start of your preg-nancy.

? Don?t drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or take drugs.

? Eat healthy foods, including fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk, eggs, cheese and grains.

? Take good care of your health and exercise sensibly.

? Have your baby checked by a doctor or health care provider right after birth and throughout childhood.

06-09-2005, 11:34 PM
-- Go on Low salt diet and drink tons of water to avoid UTI.

-- Eat lots of fiber foods to encourage normal bowel movement.

06-11-2005, 01:23 PM
Don't stress yourself and make sure that you are always calm. Don't get to excited and don't get too sad. Wala yan sa books but that was the advice given to me by Dr. Johansson who is the director of the ultra sound in Royal Victoria Hospital.

06-11-2005, 09:37 PM
Anu-ano bang mga pagkain ang dapat kong iwasan lalo na daw yung maiinit sa katawan like papaya? Please enumerate :D hehehe!

06-12-2005, 11:21 PM
Anu-ano bang mga pagkain ang dapat kong iwasan lalo na daw yung maiinit sa katawan like papaya? Please enumerate :D hehehe!
i was encourage to eat papaya coz it induce pagtatae so ur not scared of getting constipation.

Durian or langga or Marang/Madang are fruits that can induce heat sa iyong katawan. but i never heard tha ipinagbwal sa buntis. kaso lang if u eat tons of them --iinit katawan mo and then langga can cause constipation.

06-13-2005, 10:47 AM
try to look your best pa rin, even with the bulging tummy... won't hurt to feel good about yourself too.

also, try to enjoy doing things alone (or with your hubby), while the baby is still tucked safely inside you. indulge in the feeling that you and your baby are one, inseparable for a few more months. once the babe is born, you will miss having some time for yourself without feeling guilty of leaving your bundle of joy. the unique mom-child bond starts from the time you got him/her inside your tummy. i used to feel giddy and excited about giving birth, but a little sad ill have to share my baby to the world :)

06-13-2005, 08:59 PM
^^^ Wow! What an inspiring advice! Thanks a lot!

06-16-2005, 11:06 AM
avoid too much sweets, caffeinated drinks/food, or anything to fatty or too oily.

06-16-2005, 08:53 PM
** Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water.

** Tenderness of breast may be present due to increase hormonal level.

** Wear cotton underwear.

** Discourage douching for pregnant women.

** If any changes in vaginal discharge ie color or odour, report to ur physician.

** May experience heart burn so sit up for 30 minutes after meals. Try not to over eat. Frequent small meals are better than few large meals.

** You may be constipated due to increase level of hormone caused by growing uterus. Try to exercise and increase fluid intake.

** Roughage diet is recommended to increase metabolism and peristalsis.

** Varicose veins due to long hours of standing and tight clothing. Wear support stocking and elevate legs while sitting.

** Hemorrhoids can be present due to straining of bowel movement. Eat foods rich in fiber.

Hope this tips will help u through ur pregnancy. Those info were from my Nursing Theory class. I'll check for some more helpful tips to guide u during ur pregnancy.

06-16-2005, 09:28 PM
Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water. I am trying.

Tenderness of breast may be present due to increase hormonal level. Wuhooooooooooo! Free enhancement bigla!

Wear cotton underwear. :paranoid: Di pwede may lace?

Discourage douching for pregnant women. I don't.

If any changes in vaginal discharge ie color or odour, report to ur physician. Yellowish is normal daw di ba?

May experience heart burn so sit up for 30 minutes after meals. Try not to over eat. Frequent small meals are better than few large meals. :umm: Over ba yung sinabi ko sayo?

You may be constipated due to increase level of hormone caused by growing uterus. Try to exercise and increase fluid intake. Di pa naman.

Roughage diet is recommended to increase metabolism and peristalsis. :huh: Like? And what is peristalsis?

Varicose veins due to long hours of standing and tight clothing. Wear support stocking and elevate legs while sitting. I walk naman everyday eh. Pwede na ba pangcompensate sa pagkakaupo yun?

Hope these tips will help u through ur pregnancy. A lot sis! Thanks very much!

06-24-2005, 10:25 AM
Tips naman po diyan, especially sa mga tulad kong first timer. Yung mga may nalalaman po diyan, dito po tayo! mitch, about morning sickness: snacking on bananas between meals helps to keep blood sugar levels up and avoid morning sickness.

06-25-2005, 03:37 PM
^^^ I do eat banana almost everyday, but I guess morning sickness is just normal...

06-26-2005, 01:44 AM
first of all, CONGRATULATIONS sis Mitch! Magre-research muna ko para sayo, pero may alam akong isa, Kalamansi juice in the morning para di mag-manas. hehehe, yun lang alam ko eh.

07-11-2005, 01:52 PM
Dear sis buntis Mitch,
I forgot to tell you na ang first trimester ang pinakaimportante sa development ng bata so make sure you eat all the food that are high in folic acid. Mas maganda rin at effective pag pinagsasabay kainin ang food na may protine at may vitamin C. As for morning sickness, try mo na inumin ang vitamins sa gabi and make sure na may crackers ka sa bag mo. Eat a cracker if you feel like throwing up, it worked for me and i hope it works for you. I am sure mahihinto na ang morning sickness mo dahil almost 4 months ka na diba? It is all coming back to me now yung payo ng ob-gyne ko dahil may tenant ako na first time din na magbuntis and ako ang pinagtatanungan niya.:)

07-11-2005, 05:16 PM
Thanks Ate Gina. Opo, 4 mos. na ako this week, ika-13th week to be exact. Kung sa morning sickness po, di ako masyado nagdaan diyan. I never experienced vomitting, but I do feel like throwing up. Saka madalas na pagkahilo kaso ang hilo I can handle it very well kasi normal sa akin yan :p. Ni di rin ako yung sasabihin mong nag-crave for something.

Guess I'm lucky, but not lately. :( Dami kong nararamdaman na sakit sa katawan, siguro dala din ng init ng panahon dito. Right now my gums are really hurting, sabi ng friend ko pregnancy gingivitis daw tawag dun. I suffer from backpain din sometimes. Saka madalas na restless ako sa gabi, yung alanganing oras pa. Pero sabi nga sa book na binabasa ko, everything daw is normal, and whatever inconvenience I may feel is good for my little one.

Tapos po 3 days ago yata yun, I think I had this thing "spotting", pero di naman nagtagal nawala din, saka brownish lang at di naman red as in blood so I just thought na thrush or vaginal discharges lang yun. I consulted my doctor, sabi kung magcontinue daw that day, magpacheck-up agad sa kanya. Thank God, nawala naman!

Anyway, thanks po ulit sa tips!

07-15-2005, 03:34 PM
sabi nila, habang nasa tyan pa raw ang bata, kausapin na cia...that way parang nagiging malapit cia sa parents pag laki nia mas madali sa kanya ang mag-open up sa kanila...

07-17-2005, 01:53 PM
For newly pregnant moms-to-be, here?s some great tips to help ensure you have a healthy, happy pregnancy.

Take Your Folic Acid
During your pregnancy, nutrition ( is of the utmost importance. Folic acid, sometimes called folate, is at the top of the list, right next to iron, calcium and protein. Folic acid is a B vitamin found in leafy green vegetables such as spinach, orange juice, legumes, nuts, avocado, liver and fruit. Folate is found to prevent neural tube defects such as spina bifida in your baby.

Taking 400 micrograms of folate before your pregnancy will reduce risks of neural tube defects by 70%. During pregnancy, make sure you get about 600 micrograms through eating foods rich in folate or by taking prenatal supplements (javascript:;). There are now many enriched grain, pasta and bread products that will help you reach your folate intake goal. Look for cereals that contain 100% of the recommended daily intake.

Most importantly, have fun while you?re trying to get your nutritional needs met. Take a cooking class or buy a cookbook ( written for pregnant women. You?d be surprised how easy it is to make simple, delicious, nutrient-rich meals. Remember, it?s better to eat many small nutritious meals rather than large meals throughout the day.

Add Flair to Your Style
It?s important to feel good about yourself during your pregnancy. For many women, feeling good starts with looking good. When your tummy starts showing, show some style in maternity clothes that keep you comfortable. Taking care of your appearance can help make you want to stay fit, which in turn helps your pregnancy and your baby?s health.

What should you look for?

Make sure the elasticized clothes you buy have plenty of room for expansion so that you don?t find yourself in sweatpants or muumuus during your last month. There should be front and side panels to accommodate the swelling of your belly.
Because you?ll most likely wear your maternity clothes for a while after you give birth, be sure to get tops that allow for easy breastfeeding.
Don?t buy spandex or lycra or other tight-fitting clothes. Cotton will keep you comfortable, cool and it won?t irritate your skin.
Luckily, pregnant women are finding that their styles are becoming available in maternity clothes. It might be that the host of celebrities flaunting their chic pregnancy wear are behind the movement of glorifying the pregnant woman?s body. Treat yourself to a pregnancy magazine subscription (need hyperlink her) for some stylish tips. Then, come out of the shadow and show off that body.

Get Good Prenatal Care
Women who are more rigorous concerning prenatal care are found to have better deliveries. As soon as you discover you are pregnant, visit your doctor and keep subsequent visits frequent. The doctor will provide information and will monitor the health of you and your baby. During the examination, the doctor will check your blood pressure, weight gained or lost, fetal heart rate, the circumference of your belly and the fetus position. In general, prenatal care appointments are a good way to become familiar and comfortable with your pregnancy.

Take Time to Relax?try Yoga Nidra
Yoga nidra, also known as ?psychic sleep,? is a form of yoga in which extreme relaxation is targeted. It is said that one hour of yoga nidra is equivalent to four hours of sleeping. This makes it perfect for pregnant women who may be experiencing difficulties in sleeping or for those postpartum sleepless nights. While it may be more relaxing than sleep, it?s actually a state of heightened consciousness. Signing up for a class means keeping your body healthy and getting a good dose of r & r.

Exercise Away!
Exercise is recommended as an excellent way of boosting your energy level, keeping yourself fit and adding years to your life. During pregnancy, it?s more important than ever to exercise! You may feel helpless as your body experiences changes more drastic than puberty; exercise will help give you a sense of control over this metamorphosis.

There are several challenges a pregnant woman faces when exercising. Hormones and pregnancy weight can make your joints ache. Loss of balance and increased heart rate are also setbacks. For these reasons, it is recommended that women engage in low-impact exercises such as yoga, swimming or cycling on a stationary bike.

The benefits of exercise are manifold. It helps you get better rest and diminishes aches, constipation, swelling, cramping and bloating. It?ll give you a chance to socialize or spend precious time by yourself. Maybe most importantly, it will prepare you for the strain of labor and help get your pre-pregnancy body back sooner following birth.

Remember, you don?t want to prepare yourself for running a marathon. Exercise during pregnancy should be gentle and last no longer than 30 minutes. And don?t forget to drink plenty of water!

Do Your Kegels!
During pregnancy, the growing uterus places pressure on the bladder, making it easy to leak. To help prevent these leaks, you?ll want to strengthen your pelvic floor by practicing Kegels. To find those muscles, simple tighten the muscles of the vagina as if trying to interrupt the flow of pee. To stop anal leakage, tighten those muscles as you would while preventing the escape of gas. Hold those muscles for a count of five, then release. The good news is that you can practice these anyway. The even better news is that practicing Kegels will help tighten your vagina after birth.

Keep a Record of your Pregnancy!
Pregnancy and childbirth are certainly milestones within a woman?s life. Unfortunately, many women forget the emotions attached to this important transformation. Keeping a pregnancy journal ( is an excellent way to remember those moments, good and bad, that heralded the birth of your child. It?s also a good way to work out your feelings and allot some necessary time on your own. If you want to share this special time with all your friends and family, then consider starting an online pregnancy journal (

Writing a birth plan ( is another way to proactively decide the way you want your birth to progress.

For Friends: Organize a Shower
Friends of pregnant women, lend me your ears! Want to organize an amazing baby shower ( Make it a surprise (keep it hugger-mugger!), invite lots of friends, make food ( your pregnant friend craves and remember to think up lots of fun baby shower games (!

Gifts ( can be invaluable to a first-time mother; there are so many hidden costs in having a baby, that between taking care of her newborn and trying to sleep, spending the bucks to buy all the necessities can make her eyes bug out. Help her! Remember to co-ordinate gifts so that she?s not getting any duplicates.

More importantly, a baby shower is going to show her that you guys care. Feeling loved and supported through this milestone will provide immeasurable benefits to a pregnant woman. It?s support that keeps a woman feeling proactive toward her pregnancy. (Speaking of support, don?t forget to help with the dishes!)

07-18-2005, 04:05 PM
Some women - an estimated 1 in 200 - get to experience one extra little joy of late pregnancy: itchy red bumps and hives that start on the belly and spreads to the arms, breasts, thighs and behind. (Yeah, it's as fun as it sounds.) It's known as PUPPP, short for "pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy," and is the most common pregnancy-related skin condition, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.
Although it usually disappears after your baby is born, you may decide to get help sooner - especially if the itch is driving you up the wall. Anti-itching topical medications, antihistamines and corticosteroids (such as Triamcinolon) can help. Ob/Gyn David Barrere, M.D., says, "Topical steroids are generally quite successful in relieving symptoms, but in more severe cases, a course of oral steroids is required. Some women report symptomatic relief with topical preparations such as Benadryl."

And even if you're itchy, you don't need to worry about your baby being affected by this: Dr. Barrere says that there's no increased risk for your little one.

07-27-2005, 10:05 PM
bawal tumingin sa pangit! :p

07-28-2005, 09:50 PM
@ Yoan & Edge : Thanks for your tips!

@ Bob : Akala ko pa naman kung ano na yang tip mo, pero tama ka diyan! :p

07-29-2005, 11:31 AM
Avoiding Food Hazards in Pregnancy (

07-29-2005, 12:40 PM
massage your belly, talk to him/her, tell him/her what you're doing, how you're feeling etc. and later on read children's books to him/her. and yes yes yes! FOLIC ACID!!! i know, i have spina bifida. i have 3 girls, all of them healthy and funny and smart and loving :D

also, if u really feel like ur stressing, please make sure u talk to someone!

most of all... enjoy!!!!

08-12-2005, 12:26 PM
Mothers who breastfeed their children may place themselves at greater ease than mothers who bottle feed, according to trial studies in Montreal.
A research team from the Douglas Hospital Research Centre adminstered a stress response test to compare the emotional health of 25 breastfeeding mothers and 25 mothers that bottle-fed. Each mom was subjected to a variety of stressful situations, including "emotional or relevant" scenes that portray a lost child as well as "non-threatening" situations, such as making a speech or solving a math problem.
The authors discovered that breastfeeding moms had significantly lower levels of cortisol, a hormone found in saliva that acts as a stress indicator, during both the emotional and non-threatening situations. Furthermore, they found that the correlation was more evident in breastfeeding mothers that had given birth to multiple babies; highlighting the prospective emotional benefit for mothers who breastfeed for each infant.
Mai Tu, a contributor to the study, states that the reduced stress levels from breastfeeding will not only improve the mother's emotional health, but also enhance the overall health of the child.
"This means they will focus more on their children and have more energy for activities such as attending to their infants and producing milk -- this is an obvious gain for the children".
One aspect where the researchers believe they can apply these findings is to the treatment of post-partum depression. They noticed that increased stress levels after childbirth are often associated with depression. Keeping stress levels down through breastfeeding may be an option to reduce the risk of post-partum depression in new mothers.

08-12-2005, 12:30 PM
News: Reducing stress during pregnancy could help unborn child (
Fri 16 Jul 2004 10:20 am CST

(myDNA News) - Research finds that a woman's emotional state during pregnancy has a direct effect on her unborn child. Studies show that stress and anxiety during pregnancy may program the developing brain of a fetus, increasing the possibility of childhood disorders (attention deficit, hyperactivity, and anxiety problems). Scientists hope these studies will lead to intervention, prevention and support programs for anxious pregnant women.

08-12-2005, 12:32 PM
News: Alcohol-use and depression among pregnant and postpartum women (
Mon 16 Aug 2004 01:08 pm CST

(myDNA News) - Researchers have discovered that pregnant women who drink during pregnancy have a much greater chance of becoming depressed and abusing alcohol. The study shows that alcohol use and depression are not mutually exclusive of each other and women who drink when they are depressed often let themselves fall into a perpetual cycle of binge drinking and depression.

08-12-2005, 12:35 PM
News: Book on society's view of pregnancy (news: Book on society's view of pregnancy)

(myDNA News) - The public at large should take a greater interest in pregnancy and child care because society has a responsibility to ensure children begin their lives with as many advantages as possible.

08-12-2005, 12:43 PM
(myDNA News) - Researchers from the Universities of Edinburgh and Southampton have begun a new study into the effects of a mother's diet in pregnancy upon unborn babies and their future health.

if you have a chance to go to this website please do check them out.there is so much to learn from them.if not for yourself but maybe someone else you might know who is expecting or talking about having children.there is a lot of education to be learned for all mothers and soon to be mothers.

ATTention FATHERS: you also need to check theses sites does not hurt for you to learn as well.remember you did help put your wife in this position. you should of been pulling out instead of pushing in.:-X

09-08-2005, 04:50 AM
Until what month or period of pregnancy can sex still be practiced??

09-09-2005, 02:15 PM
Bass ito ang mga links so u can read about it.
And we discussed it in class before, sabi ng prof ko it is better to have sex during pregnancy para mas madali ang delivery ng bata. Saka syempre dapat comfortable din ung pregnant woman kung makikipagintercourse sya.

09-10-2005, 03:05 PM
@ Bass : Ako, as soon as I reached my 20th week (5th month), di na kami intercourse. :p

10-09-2005, 03:09 AM

10-09-2005, 02:53 PM
Thanks Kuya! Babasahin ko yan.

10-13-2005, 09:16 AM
Noong buntis ako nagresearch ang hubby ko ng mga websites about prenancy, every week development ng baby mo sa loob, tapos tips pa para daw hindi ka magsuka lalo na sa paggising mo sa umaga, kumain ka raw ng crackers at uminom ng ginger ale. Hope makatulong yong mga websites na binigay ko.;)

10-13-2005, 02:58 PM
Thanks a lot Maureen, I bookmarked them all. :)

10-14-2005, 09:37 AM
Thanks a lot Maureen, I bookmarked them all. :)

Walang anuman po... ;)

scrEaMing mANgo
10-14-2005, 11:18 AM
Noong buntis ako nagresearch ang hubby ko ng mga websites about prenancy, every week development ng baby mo sa loob, tapos tips pa para daw hindi ka magsuka lalo na sa paggising mo sa umaga, kumain ka raw ng crackers at uminom ng ginger ale. Hope makatulong yong mga websites na binigay ko.;) pero, keep in mind, expectant mothers and ladies ng kuro, yung mga studies and researches na nasa net ay ginawa with the western people in mind. kulang pa data when it comes to asians, Filipinas in particular. Getting the best OB-Gyne that responds to your needs, is still the safest bet.
I should know, lahat yata ng seminar at workshop ay dinaanan naming mag-asawa ei. Thanks din maureen, binigay ko naman mga links sa pinsan kong bagong kasal.

10-16-2005, 06:41 AM
pero, keep in mind, expectant mothers and ladies ng kuro, yung mga studies and researches na nasa net ay ginawa with the western people in mind. kulang pa data when it comes to asians, Filipinas in particular. Getting the best OB-Gyne that responds to your needs, is still the safest bet.
I should know, lahat yata ng seminar at workshop ay dinaanan naming mag-asawa ei. Thanks din maureen, binigay ko naman mga links sa pinsan kong bagong kasal.

Walang anuman po, well ask din ako sa pinay friends ko na nanganak at may mga anak na ngayon kung anu anong mga ginawa nila nong buntis sila. Nakatulong din sa akin yong book na binigay ng OB ko na "What to Expect , When you're expecting" informative sya.

10-16-2005, 03:35 PM
Matanong ko lang, pagkapanganak ba nagkakaroon agad ng period ang babae? On the same month or next month pa after delivery? Naisip ko lang bigla.

10-17-2005, 09:21 AM
Matanong ko lang, pagkapanganak ba nagkakaroon agad ng period ang babae? On the same month or next month pa after delivery? Naisip ko lang bigla.

Post Pregnancy Periods, Relations, and Protection

Q: When should women expect normal menstruation to resume?

A: This depends on whether you are breastfeeding or not. If you are not breastfeeding, your first period will occur about two months after childbirth. However, there is no way to know when you begin to ovulate again - 90 percent of women will not ovulate before their first period. So contraception is essential if you have sex soon after childbirth.
If you are breastfeeding, your period may resume at any time from about two months after childbirth. Some women only get their period back once they stop breastfeeding.
It is important to know that breastfeeding is not a form of contraception. It is the sensation of the baby sucking that send a message to the brain to suppress the hormone that stimulates ovulation. The effectiveness of this suppression depends on the strength and frequency of the sucking. For breastfeeding to work as a means of contraception, the baby would have to nurse full-time, around the clock.


10-17-2005, 01:28 PM
Noong buntis ako nagresearch ang hubby ko ng mga websites about prenancy, every week development ng baby mo sa loob, tapos tips pa para daw hindi ka magsuka lalo na sa paggising mo sa umaga, kumain ka raw ng crackers at uminom ng ginger ale. Hope makatulong yong mga websites na binigay ko.;)

Mare, now ako naman punta jan sa mga sites na yan ehehhehe :-)

Guess what?
Andito na ako!!!!
(opppsss... sa Guess What corner yata dapat ito)

:up: taga-Quezon ako eh! (

10-17-2005, 02:42 PM
SEX AFTER BIRTH Menstruation po ang tinatanong ko hindi sex after birth. :p

10-17-2005, 08:54 PM modify na po! ang dumi ng isip eh 'no? :p

10-17-2005, 09:08 PM
@ Bob : Gulat nga ako sa sagot mo eh! Pero thanks na din sa info. :p

10-26-2005, 03:57 AM
hi michteryosa,

kelan due date mo?

10-26-2005, 05:21 PM
Hi Alfa!

24th January 2006 po.

10-30-2005, 06:44 PM
I see. My sis-in-law naman last week of November. Muntik na ma-premature birth yung baby kasi 2 weeks ago nagcontract na, bumukas cervix nya. Lahi pala nila ganun pag nanganganay delikado. So ayon complete bedrest sya ngayon.

Kumusta naman pagbubuntis mo?

10-31-2005, 09:29 PM
Everything is fine with the baby. I had my check-up the other day, the only thing that alarms me ay yung BP ko, nung 19th October last na check-up ko it was 110/60, the other day kasi nga pinabalik ako agad para icheck ulit, it went down to 116/48. But I guess as long as the baby is okay, walang problema. Normal naman daw lahat. Here's the update (

Thanks for asking!

Musta naman yung sis-in-law mo and the baby inside her?

11-02-2005, 11:10 AM
o! i just want to shout... my baby is exactly 16 weeks/ 4mos today. since the father doesn't want to share my excitement i just want to share this feeling with you guys here.

i hope im doing all the right things for my baby.

mamma grazita

11-07-2005, 08:18 PM
Congrats Grazita! I exactly know how and what you feel, all the excitement and everything! Take care and don't worry about anything that would make you down! Enjoy every moment...

11-08-2005, 11:58 AM
i will enjoy every moment. honestly, this is the only time of my life when i finally learnt to love myself. this situation is my chance to breakfree and enjoy life evenmore. i have a big responsibility now but i have my entire life for my child to take with great zest...


11-08-2005, 04:34 PM
Glad to know that! Maybe you wanna make your pregnancy journal, punta ka dito, andiyan din ako hehehe!

11-08-2005, 06:18 PM
o well! i've been trying to disipline myself to write everyday kaso pagod na ko from work kaya minsan nakakalimutan ko tlga. actually, bumili na ako ng scrap book at journal last month pero kakaunti ang panahon para magsulat.

before i got pregnant i was trying to finish a script kaso when i found na pregnant ako biglang nabago yung concept ko tapos ayaw ko na sulatin muna. ngayon gumagawa ako ng sarili kong reality-film. hehhe! cheers! para sa pelikula kong 9mos in the making.

i've seen your blog. nagsign-up din ako dun and so far wala pa akong entry. heheh! buti ka pa ang sipag mo gumawa. i hope i can find time.

cge. uwi na ko tom na lang uli....

thanks! X)

11-08-2005, 10:45 PM
I really try to find time. Kasi ayokong ma-miss ang anumang moment during this whole pregnancy. Iba yung first time mo eh. Pero malamang sa susunod wala ng time hehehe!

Anyway, thanks for dropping by!

11-09-2005, 10:47 AM
good morning everyone!

what a morning?! muntik na ko malate na nman dito sa opis. i can't sleep last night. the pain in my left thigh (lalo na sa lower part ng buttoks) is so excruciating, di nman ako makatulog. hay! nae-experience nyo ba yun? yung parang nangangalay yung legs nyo....

4months pa lang baby ko ko and i only gain 2 lbs pero hirap na ako maglakad what more pag malaki na baby ko.

11-09-2005, 02:20 PM
That's cramping. Normal daw yun sa buntis. I had that too lalo na nung earlier weeks ko, sabi ng doctor lack of calcium daw. Inom ka ng gatas.

11-09-2005, 04:07 PM
im taking milk twice a day tapos yung vitamins na bigay ng dr. ko with calcium pa. i have weak lower back kaya siguro mas matindi yung sakit at tsaka petite kasi ako tlaga ( konti tiis pa para sa baby ko.

im thinking of doing safe yoga exercises para lang sa legs ko and again i should strive to have time for this.

11-09-2005, 04:12 PM
always talk to your baby even nasa tiyan pa siya......para paglabas bonded na kayo:)

11-09-2005, 05:27 PM
im still practicing how to talk to my child. im so talkative but pagdating sa anak ko mas madalas kinakantahan ko na lang siya.

i sleep with mozart's music on the background.... pampatalino daw.

11-09-2005, 06:48 PM
Try mo yung kay Enya, magaganda saka Yanni. Eto mga pinapakinggan ko eh. And I think she likes it. Sabi nung Brit colleague ko dito, kung ano daw ang pinapadinig mong type of music sa baby mo habang nasa tiyan pa siya, paglabas niya at yun ipapadinig mo sa kanya, madali siyang makakatulog. Hehehe!

I had the same problem like yours, lagi nananakit ang likod ko. And they say it's normal. If you work in the office, try to get a small cushion to support your back lalo na kung lagi kang nakaupo, it helps. Wait for more sakit ng katawan, there's more to come. :p

11-10-2005, 02:18 PM
hapi bday to u! hapi bday to u! hapi bday! happy bday!
hapi bday to me!:cake:

wish ko good health para sa amin ng baby ko!

wow! im 27 and im having a baby!:thumbs_up:

"the heart of the enlightened is like a mirror; it grasp nothing, refuses nothing; receives nothing but does not keep

11-10-2005, 06:03 PM

11-10-2005, 06:10 PM
salamat! salamat!

11-16-2005, 07:44 PM
Hi Mommy Grasya!

Try this What To Expect (, everyday you will receive an email regarding info and tips about pregnancy. It really helps!


11-17-2005, 10:16 AM
X) hi mommy mitch!

i've been busy with work and my baby of course. im supposed to tell you yesterday that i felt the first soft kick of my baby. ganun pala yung feeling euphoric....

im so happy when i felt the movement inside my tummy. yung manifestation that there's another life inside me ay tlgang lalong nagpapalakas ng loob ko and causes so much excitement. i never thought na magpaparamdam siya ng ganito kaaga kasi according to what i've read mas obvious yung movement kung 5mos na.

and how are you mommy mitch? ;)


11-17-2005, 02:43 PM
Hi Mommy Grasya! I'm fine, thanks!

Lucky you! Nafeel mo agad siya ng maaga! I remember I was on my 19th week when I felt her first thump, August 23 yun, hehehe tandang-tanda ko pa talaga! Hintaying mo lang na umabot ka ng 6 months, minsan ikaw na susuko sa kakalikot niya hehehe! Minsan nakakapikon. :p

Have a nice day!

11-18-2005, 09:56 AM
today, i started wearing big clothes, as in "big clothes" (mga little-big maternity dress). ay sus! petite and skinny kasi ako ( kaya di tlga ko sanay pero mas comfortable na yung ganito. dati kasi pag maluwag yung damit feeling ko nagmumukha akong hanger. hehehe!

grasya grazita

11-20-2005, 07:55 PM
Been feeling sick these past few days. Sakit ng ulo na nanlalamig ako pati body pains. Today, sumasakit tiyan ko. I'm scared. :(

I'm on my 30th week na, is it normal to have tummy aches once in a while?

11-21-2005, 10:31 AM
hi mommy mitch!

sana ok na pakiramdam mo today. pareho ata tayo nang nararamdaman. my legs cramps crawled into my left arms. hay! i find it hard to get sleep at night lalo na ngayon malamig na.

relaks ka lang! wag ka masyado mag-worry. see your doc if the pain persist ok!

kaya natin 'tong pain. take care mommy mitch!

:rainbow: grasya grazita

11-21-2005, 12:11 PM
I hope na okay na po ikaw Ms. Mitch, kasi ganyan din ako dati sakit ulo rin kailangan nyo ng lot of rest kasi lumalaki na ang baby sa loob ng tummy nyo at medyo malikot na sya. Kaya ginagawa ko eh naglalakad lakad ako, umiidlip sa tanghali at take lots of water.;)

11-21-2005, 02:07 PM
Hi Grasya & Maureen!

Oo nga eh. Natakot nga ako kahapon. Naiisip ko kasi yung premature labor :(.

Wish ko lang Maureen makaidlip din sa tanghali, hirap din kasi ng nasa trabaho eh. Sobrang likot na nga siya. Sabi ng mommy ko kaya daw ramdam na ramdam ko kasi payat ako. Para nga lang akong 5 months preggy eh :p.

11-21-2005, 04:49 PM
mommy mitch basta po wag ka masyado mag-worry. everything will be fine. ang simpleng pag-ngiti ay therapeutic. kaya ngiti lang lagi.
:hah: :} :laugh:

ako kahit masakit ang left leg at left arm (hindi arms) e! smile pa rin. iniisip ko na lang pag nakita ko na baby ko balewala na ang sakit.

grasya grazita

11-21-2005, 06:01 PM
Naku pareho pala tayo na payat nong magbuntis underweight ako non, tawag nga sa akin ng aking mga pinsan eh butete (opppsss pwede po ba tong words na to). Well kung hindi naman eh magrelax at inhale and exhale makakatulong yon. Kasi sabi nila maraming blood ang nagci circulate dyan sa tummy, try mong matulog sa iyong left side para makatulong yon lalo na sa baby at sayo.;)

11-21-2005, 08:30 PM
@ Grasya : Ikaw na ang magkaroon ng pasaway na boss, ewan lang kung makangiti ka pa!

@ Maureen : Payatot din kasi ako, my pre-preg weight was 42 kgs, imagine! Last month nung check-up ko nasa 51.9 kgs na ako, for the first time in my life, I reached 50 kgs, at yan ay sa tulong ng weight ni baby, hehehe!

11-22-2005, 12:58 PM
pare-pareho pala tayong mga sexy (slim) hehehe! ako i only gained 2lbs last check-up ko. next week i'll visit my dr. again at dun ko uli malalaman kung ayos lang weight ko. sabi kasi ng dr. ko dapat 4-6 daw ang i-gained ko.

sa pagkain kasi di ako masyado matakaw pero i make sure na healthy lahat ng kinakain ko at least 5-6 meals a day. basta dapat may vegatables at fruits lagi at syempre yung milk ko twice a day. tama ba yun mga mommy?

sinusunod ko din yang pagtulog on my left kaso till now namamaga yung left arm ko kasi na-strain dahil the whole time na pagtulog nakabaling pala ako sa left. ewan ko ba? kulang kasi ako sa exercise dati lalo na yung stretching kaya siguro nahihirapan ako ngayon.

:tongue: grasya grazita

11-22-2005, 08:20 PM
Natutulog ako on my left, kaso paggising ko kung san san na hehehe! Minsan ginigising ako ng hubby ko pinapatagilid ako. :p

11-23-2005, 06:50 AM
Ang weight ko non eh 93 lbs then I gained total weight ay 128 lbs noong nine months na ako, tama yong kumain ka 5 -6 meals a day don daw eh para hindi ka lumobo kasi mahihirapan ka sa panganganak sa laki ng baby mo.Sabi ng OB ko noon by 39 weeks ko eh dapan i induce na daw ako kasi na gaya eh petite eh dyan daw ako mahihirapan eh kaso ng time na yon maagang lumabas ang baby ko, muntik na akong ma CS non kasi ayaw lumabas ng baby ko dahil maliit daw ang sipit sipitan ko kaya tinulungan ng forceps. Nakalabas naman sya ng ligtas at ang lakas ng iyak (wow I imagined na nagawa ko yon don mo malalaman na ang sarap ng feeling na kahit anong hirap eh mawawala kapag nakita mo na sya at narinig).;)

Ako nga eh tinulungan akong bumalik sa left side kasi hindi ako makahinga kapag nasa right side ako. At laging sinasabi ng OB na kailangan eh i pamper ang asawa mo lalo na kapag kailangan nila ng massage specially ang iyong mga paa at binti. (kaya minsan kahit hindi masakit eh nagpapa massage ako hehehheeh).

Sabi pati ng lola ko noon eh mag novena daw ako kay St. Gerad at St. Anne bago ako manganak dahil nakatulong daw sa kanya yon para ligtas mong ilabas ang baby mo at bigyan ka ng lakas ng loob habang nanganganak ka. ;)

11-23-2005, 11:04 AM
19 weeks na today ang baby ko so next week wow 5 months na siya.

well, ako kailangan ko ata maghire ng magmamasahe sa akin. pag may masakit ako nararamdaman at nafe-feel ko na iiyak nagsusulat muna ako tapos after nun oks na ko.
coping with pregnancy alone is very difficult. :disappointed: :sad:
baby ko lang tlga nagpapalakas ng loob ko at syempre yung family & mga friends ko.

alam nyo nae-excite na ko magshop para sa baby ko. i mean yung mga gamit niya kaso di ko pa nga alam gender ng baby ko. oks lang ba? sabi nila wag na muna daw ako magbibili e! :D

11-23-2005, 03:25 PM
@ Maureen : Taking advantage ka sa masahe huh? Hahahaha! I think all of us pregnant women do, nyahahaha! Ako naman ang problema sa akin kumakain ako 3x a day pero yung akala mo ba wala ng bukas hehehe! Minsan naman kumakain pa ako ulit ng rice after 12midnight, sabi ng doctor di daw maganda yun tapos diretso agad sa higaan, kaya daw minsan burp ako ng burp.

@ Grasya : Sakit ng katawan ba kamo? Wait till you reached 6 months pataas, baka umiyak ka minsan hehehe! Pero yung iba naman daw di maselan at halos walang sakit na nararamdaman. Ako di naman ako talaga naglihi but then lately dami kong sakit na nararamdaman, I thought naligtas ako sa paglilihi, babawi din pala sa huli. Sabi sa kasabihan wag daw muna mamimili ng gamit ng bata hanggat di ka pa nag-se-7 months. Siguro dahil di pa sure sa gender ng baby. Pero di mo naman matitiis minsan eh. Sarap kasi mamili ng gamit ng baby. Ang cu-cute talaga!

11-23-2005, 03:57 PM
@mitchteryosa : hehehe oo nga po kasi nong nasa pinas pa ako eh spoiled ako sa masahe :p . Okay lang din sa hubby ko kasi pinagsabihan din sya ng byenan ko na kailangan daw bigyan ako ng massage eh (kaya malakas ang backer ko heheheh). Naku kailangan small amount lang ng food ang dapat kainin para hindi ka mahirapan, pero noon gumigising ako ng 12midnight para lang kumain ng oats yon kasi maraming folic acid yon na maganda sa brain development ng baby, well ako rin pag minsan lalo na kapag inaantok na ako hindi na ako wait ng 1 or 2 hours para bumaba daw ang pagkain.

@Grazita : Hindi ako bumili ng maraming damit ng baby kasi binigyan ako ng baby shower kaso ang nangyari eh naunang lumabas ang baby bago yong baby shower ang binili ko lang yong kailangan. Sabi nila wag daw bumili ng maraming damit kasi madaling lumaki yong baby naku totoo nga kasi after a few weeks eh hindi na kasya yong mga damit na isang suutan lang nya. Bakit saan po ba ang hubby mo?

Tips: SAbi sakin nong friend ko lalo na kapag magpapa ultrasound ka raw eh bago yong time mo ng ultrasound ay uminom ka ng orange juice para daw malikot yong baby at makita mo yong gender. Kasi ganon ang ginawa ko at wow kitang kita yong gender at nakataas pa ang paa ,tawa ng tawa yong nag ultrasound at yong hubby ko dahil hindi na sila nahirapan.:D

11-23-2005, 04:44 PM
@ Maureen : Di ko maiwasan na di matulog agad pagkakain, kasi pagod galing trabaho, humihiga ako para manood ng TV, next thing I know madaling araw na pala at di ko na alam ang nangyari hehehe! Ang hubby ko din ganyan, kasi nung malaman ng mom in law ko at mom ko, tinawagan siya agad at explain sa kanya na magpasensya lalo na yung mood swing ng buntis. Eh dati na nga akong masungit lalo pang nadagdagan :p. Pero nung kalagitnaan na super kulit ko na minsan ikinakapikon niya ang pagbibiro ko sa kanya, hehehe!

Isa pa daw na maganda sa brain ng baby ay almonds saka it helps din daw to accummulate milk para sa breastfeeding later. But I never did eat almonds, di ko type lasa nun eh. I was taking calcium tabs till my 6th month, dahil sa cramping. Last month lang naging isa na lang ang vitamins ko - haemoton naman dahil low blood kasi ako. Imagine the last time ang BP ko 116/48. Taranta ang beauty ko. Kaya mega kain agad ako ng liver. Ever since kasi may anaemia na ako talaga kaya no wonder. Sana lang maging okay bago ako manganak otherwise sabi ng friend ko kung ganun pa din baka daw masalinan ako ng dugo after delivery, wag naman sana.

11-23-2005, 05:08 PM
@mitchteryosa: Sana ay maging okay lalo na kapag nanganak ka.Naku kailangan mo nga talagang kumain ng masustansyang pagkain na nagpapadagdag ng dugo, try mo kaya ang ampalaya, liver,malunggay (yon ang madaling nakakapadagdag ng dugo) at may narinig ako na meron na raw na malunggay tablet sa Pinas. Hehehe ako naman pikonin ako madaling magtampo (pero sarap nong sinusuyo ka no heheheh) Lagi ko nong nilalapirot ang mukha ng hubby ko.
Magbre breastfeed ka ba? I know sa una ay mahirap at sobrang sakit pero worth it lalo na kapag nakikita mo yong baby mo na after dumedede ay ngumingiti sayo...
Wala naman akong naging problem sa bp ko problema ko lang non eh hindi ako makatulog sa gabi kasi don sya gising at sobrang likot kaya ang ginagawa ko non eh kinakausap ko lalo na kapag binabasahan ko sya ng books. Kaya sa umaga ako natutulog dahil don sya tulog. ;)

11-23-2005, 05:35 PM
mommy mitch at mommy maureen
kayo ba niniwala dun sa mga sabi nila kapag gumaganda daw ang nagbubuntis babae ang baby? kasi halos lahat kasi sila, mga opis mate ko at mga friends ko at pati yung boss ko na medyo highblood nakikisali sa ganung comment. lahat sila napapansin syempre ang pagtaba ko at yun nga gumaganda (e! matagal na nman ako gumaganda) heheh! sabi ko nman kasi boy or girl oks sa akin basta healthy ang baby ko masaya ako.

gusto ko po magpa baby shower siguro pag 7 mos na.

mommy maureen wala po ako hubby. meron po ako sperm donor. joke! seriously, no plans of settling down. complicated! si mommy mitch nga naiyak e! hehehe!
masaya na mahirap.....ang sabi nga ni forest gump, "Life is like a box of chocolates you don't know what you will get"
sabi ko naman, "i have faith. i have my share of bliss from heaven and i believe it arrived just a little bit early than expected (o parang na-late nga ata)"
all in all, i have no complains except for the excruciating pain of my lower back right now. :cool:

:banana: cheers! para sa mga matapang na mommy!
grasya grazita:wink:

11-23-2005, 05:51 PM
Mommy Grazita @ Mommy Mitchteryosa

Okay lang yon well hindi ko na tatanong kung ano yong complicated I guess its personal decision muna po yon. Well about that sa gumaganda eh abah ako non eh maganda na eh lalong gumanda heheheheh kaya sobrang inlove ang hubby ko. Ang lagi nilang sinasabi sa akin ay baby boy daw ang baby ko kasi maitim na nga ako lalo akong nangitim :( nakakainis nga minsan kapag humaharap ako salamin umiiyak ako dahil sa hitsura ko pero laging nandyan ang hubby ko to comfort. Malalaman mo raw kung baby boy kapag matulis ang tummy mo at kapag baby girl eh pabilog at malaki.

About naman sa lower backs dahil bumibigat na si baby try mong mag warm shower then pa massage. ;)

11-23-2005, 06:05 PM
massage? kelangan ko ata tlga maghire ng magmamasahe sa akin. :(

ang dami pa nila sinasabi kung pano pwede mahulaan kung ano gender ng baby kahit wala pa ultrasound. na-try nyo ba yung chinese conception calendar? according to age ng mother at month of conception ang pagcalculate.

alam nyo mahilig ako sa garlic pag nagluluto ako. gustong-gusto ko kasi amoy nun e! di ba masama yun nakaka-low blood daw e!
binabantayan ko rin dugo ko kasi nga before anemic ako lalo na nung di pa ko preggy. ngayon nasa edge ako konti na lang anemic na.

11-23-2005, 06:30 PM
Oo nga pala di pa massage ka sa mother mo, or hire ka na lang kailangan yong gentle massage hindi yong hard massage lalo na at buntis ka.

Naku ginawa rin namin yan kaso ang labas eh boy so boy ang lumabas at saka mafe-feel mo kung ano talaga ang baby mo. Naku mahilig din ako sa bawang noon gustong gusto kong nagluluto na kahit hindi lagyan ng bawang ay nilalagyan ko then ang ayaw ko lang ay ang amoy ng sibuyas kaya kapag brown na yong bawang tinatawag ko yong hubby ko na sya ang magpatuloy ng pagluluto heheheheh... Try mong kumain na nagpapadagdag ng dugo pareho pala kayo ni mitchteryosa at wag masyadong magpupuyat yan ang isa sa nagpapabawas ng dugo nga pala. try to take vitamins.;)

11-23-2005, 10:58 PM
Hehehe! Nakakatuwa naman, dami na palang napag-usapan dito habang nawala ako.

Anyway, yung dun sa pagganda at pagpanget, I guess di naman totoo yun. Pero sa case ko sabi nila lalo daw akong gumanda (tanong niyo pa sa mga kuronians hehehe) and it matches sa kasabihan dahil baby girl nga ang amin. Pero napansin ko na nangitim din ang underarm ko pababa sa may gilid ng breasts magkabila. Saka yung linea nigra (guhit sa tiyan) na tinatawag ay lalong nagiging dark and visible at ang sagwa huh! But the rest is the same. Nagkalaman lang akong konti pero di ko masabi na tumaba talaga coz the way I see myself is the same pa din maliban sa lumolobong tiyan at lumulusog na breasts (wish ko lang wag na bumalik sa pre-pregnancy size no!).

About naman sa pagkain, dati kasi maselan akong konti nung di pa ako buntis, I don't eat ampalaya talaga pero ngayon I really push myself kasi nga kelangan. Saka liver at milk. Pero sa milk ang ginagawa ko hinahaluan ko ng chocolate drink kasi ayoko ng milk lalo na mainit-init mong iinumin. Pag buntis ka talaga ang dami mong isa-sacrifice. But one thing I noticed di mahirap gawin coz you know that you are just protecting your little one. Imagine, I had given up smoking in just one click kasi alam ko may nabubuhay na sa loob ko. Dati hirap akong mag-quit pero nung nabuntis ako parang wala lang. I think that's the magic of conceiving a baby. Ready ka sa lahat ng bagay.

Baby shower? I don't wanna initiate kasi parang nahihiya ako saka I don't know how to tell them. Besides di naman ata uso yun dito sa Bahrain saka pati yung close friends ko mga nangawala na at for good na sila backhome. Kapag nag-invite ako ng di ko kaclose parang halata naman na pandagdag collection lang ng baby gifts, hehehe!

About breastfeeding naman, oo magpapabreastfeed ako talaga, yun naman eh kung may gatas ako. Most of my friends kasi wala silang gatas samantalang malulusog sila, eh ako kaya? Sana nga meron para mas maging attached sa akin si baby Derelle ko. Pati makakatipid din kahit paano di ba?

Chinese calendar? Sabi nila medyo accurate daw yan pero sa akin di naman. I checked din kasi pero ang lumalabas sa akin boy, pero girl naman. Nakita na kasi namin sa U/S yung little peanut niya, pero let's wait na lang din hanggang lumabas na nga siya.

11-25-2005, 04:09 PM
Mommy Grazita & Mommy Mitchteryosa
Congratulations Mitchteryosa about sa baby girl.Kamusta na ang mga byuting buntis nating ngayon? I hope na okay naman kayo. Nagkaroon ba kayo ng morning sickness? Or nag cra-crave pa rin kayo ngayon ng gustong kainin? Meron pa rin ba kayong mood swing?

Well maganda nga ang breatfeeding kasi sa early age nila ay maiiwasan ang sakit at kailangan nila yon in early age. Noong nag try akong magbreastfed sobra ang sakit at saka hirap umiiyak talaga ako sumuko nga ako kaso iniisip ko na kailangan ng baby ko yon. I hope na makapagbreastfeed kayo, dito kasi ay pinapa breastfeed nila ang mga mothers kaso yong iba ay ayaw talaga lalo na yong mga conscious mother. Dahil in the future ay magiging problema yon dahil sabi nila ay sakitin daw Im not sure kung totoo nga po yon.

11-26-2005, 02:58 PM
Hi there!

Mabyuti pa din @ Maureen.

Well, luckily I didn't go through that morning sickness. It was on my 2nd trimester when I experienced vomitting, pero tingin ko di dahil sa nausea, dahil sa sobra sa nakain ko hehehe! As far as I know, I was craving for bananas, nung di ko pa alam na buntis ako every morning talaga walang palya, 2 pieces lagi ng malalaking saging. Tapos later on nung alam ko na, dunno if it was psycho effect, I was craving and looking for tocino. At ang gusto ko yung tocino na galing sa Pnas. I felt so sorry for my husband, ginalugad niya ang lahat ng Filipino convenient stores just to find that tocino, but, unfortunately walang mabili dito. One night, he came homewith Tocino Ready Mix and Pork, hehehe! Nagdaan daw siya sa Filipino store and nagtanong sa isang Pinay kung saan makakabili, sabi daw walang ganun dito kaya bumili na lang daw ng ready mix. Pero I didn't like it, nasayang lang! Kaya sabi ko kalimutan na yang tocino na yan kahit na medyo masama ang loob ko siyempre. :(

Mood swing? Kay Derrick lang kasi ako nagsusungit at nangungulit. Pero sa ibang tao naman same as before pa din.

11-29-2005, 01:11 PM
Magandang araw sa inyo Well, naaalala ko non na kasabihan sa atin na kapag hindi mo daw nakain yong pagkain na gustong gusto mo eh may lalabas daw na birthmark sa baby mo? Totoo ba yon? Kasi nong lumabas yong baby ko eh meron sya sa likod ng hita nya. Pero hindi ako naniniwala don kasi yong hubby ko eh maraming birthmark baka sa kanya nakuha yong birthmark. Mood swing well noong buntis ako eh madalli akong magtampo at balat sibuyas ako noon kaya lagi akong binibiro ng hubby ko noon. Pero kahit na nanganak ako eh ganon pa rin hehehehe.... Ngayon na alam mo na ang gender ng baby mo so mamimili ka na ngayon ng mga gamit? Saan mo balak pabinyagan ang baby mo?

11-29-2005, 02:57 PM
Sabi din yan ng mom ko, pag di daw nakain ang gusto, either may birthmark or laging nilalabas ang dila ng bata hehehe! Alam niyo naman ang mga kasabihan sa atin. May nagsabi pa nga sa akin, kapag daw may gusto kang kainin at di mo makuha, kumain ng pinch of salt, di ko ginawa dahil baka naman umatake na naman UTI ko hahaha! Di bale na lang.

Nakapamili na ako ng mga gamit, yung mga kelangan lang talaga, mostly white and unisex colors just in case you know... Pero meron ding pink like yung feeding bottles. Pero sa damit mostly white talaga and mint green para safe.

Dito na namin pabibinyagan, alam mo naman kasabihan sa atin, kelangan binyag na ang bata bago ibyahe-byahe. Para pag natuloy kaming umuwi next year, okay na.

11-30-2005, 01:49 PM
kamusta ang mga mommy? medyo busy ako sa work at madami ginagawa. last quarter na kasi kailangan tapusin ang mga reports at magsubmit ng media plan for next year. hay! sana pwede na lang ako sa bahay nagpapahinga kaso di nman pwede.

exactly 20 weeks na baby to today so 5mos na siya. :D

ngayon nahihirapan na ko at nararamdaman ko na ang pagbigat ng tyan ko lalo na pagnatutulog ang hirap ibaling ng tyan. all ang all, oks nman ang pakiramdam ko lately. sana kayo din mga mommy.

ngayon ang libangan ko manahi ng kurtina ko sa kwarto, bed sheet at mga pillow case pag may oras. sa susunod nga pag nakabili na ko mga yarn mag gagantsilyo ako (parang lola ang dating ko) yun nman ang sisimulan ko. hilig ko kasi tlga yan manahi at gumawa ng mga kung ano-ano.

sana makapamili na rin ako mommy mitch pero sobrang nagpipigil pa ako. dami ako mga friends na nagsabi na wag na ko bumili ng ganito, ganyan kasi may ibibigay daw sila sa akin kaso syempre parang gusto mo ikaw yung pipili para sa baby mo di ba?

grasya grazita

11-30-2005, 05:20 PM
hello po sa lahat....musta new here..:banana:

EDD: 26 Feb 2006
27wks w/baby boy

11-30-2005, 06:42 PM
Hi Mommy Grasya! Ay ang galing mo naman, marunong ka manahi? Gusto ko din sana gawa yung crochet na bonnet at mittens kaso di ako marunong kapag walang sinusundang pattern hehehe!

Sinabi mo pa, mas maganda pa din yung ikaw ang mamimili for your baby. Sabihin mo sa friends mo i-cash na lang nila para ikaw pipili di ba? May kasabihan daw na wag muna mamimili ng gamit ng baby hangga't di ka tumutuntong ng 7 months. Ewan lang kung bakit. Siguro kasi yung gender mas accurate na malaman kapag 7 months na.

Hi Mommy Greenpoison! Welcome to Kuro. Kakatuwa naman, dumadami ang expectant mothers sa kuro. Buwan lang ang pagitan natin. Ako naman January 24 ang expected ko. First baby mo?

11-30-2005, 08:26 PM
Hi Mommy Grasya! Ay ang galing mo naman, marunong ka manahi? Gusto ko din sana gawa yung crochet na bonnet at mittens kaso di ako marunong kapag walang sinusundang pattern hehehe!

Sinabi mo pa, mas maganda pa din yung ikaw ang mamimili for your baby. Sabihin mo sa friends mo i-cash na lang nila para ikaw pipili di ba? May kasabihan daw na wag muna mamimili ng gamit ng baby hangga't di ka tumutuntong ng 7 months. Ewan lang kung bakit. Siguro kasi yung gender mas accurate na malaman kapag 7 months na.

Hi Mommy Greenpoison! Welcome to Kuro. Kakatuwa naman, dumadami ang expectant mothers sa kuro. Buwan lang ang pagitan natin. Ako naman January 24 ang expected ko. First baby mo?

Hi Mitch! tnx.. I've been surfing the web for Philippine portal for mother/mothers to glad i found this..:up:
yeah this is our 1st baby after trying for 5yrs...

EDD: 26 Feb 2006
27wks w/baby boy

11-30-2005, 08:41 PM
The following shows how your newborn baby's senses develop daw, according ito sa magazine na binabasa ko ngayon na bigay ng officemate kong lalaki :p:

Focuses on objects, preferably a face, at a distance of 20 to 25 cm. Makes eye contact. Prefers bright objects and colours such as red and blue. May start to follow moving objects with his eyes.

Recognizes your voice in the first few days. Responds to high frequency sounds better than to loe frequence ones. Is frightened by sudden loud sounds.

Contrary to earlier beliefs, newborns can feel pain. baby girls are more sensitive to touch than boys.

Prefers sweet smells. Learns to identify own mother's milk by smell in few days of life.

Born with a preference for sweet tastes.

11-30-2005, 09:15 PM
hi mom's, sabi nila masyado daw cooling sa katawan ang bananas esp yung del monte(long one's). Though mahilig din ako dati ng bananas, pero sabi nila if u wanna eat bananas, u should look for the small one's, parang senyorta ata ang tawag satin nun..
watermelon, papaya,pineapple are too cooling for d body & may cause miscarriage..andami kasing mga chinese beliefs eh! grabe..

don't eat to much carrots din, oranges can cause not so sure kc eversince i found out that i was pregnant(i was 16wks preg already),I've been eating a lot of carrots, oranges& juices...kaya nga medyo natakot na naman ako eh! sa sobrang dami ng mga sinasbai nila, natatakot tuloy ako..
pero been drinking lots of water as much as possible para ma-flush ang dapat ma-flush..

mga mommy na, what can u say anout this? or sa atin ba ano bang mga sinasabi ng mga matatanda?

EDD: 26 Feb 2006
27wks w/baby boy

11-30-2005, 09:28 PM
Nung first visit ko sa OB ko yan agad ang mga tinanong ko, ang binawal lang sa akin papaya kasi daw it can cause miscarriage nga lalo na sa first trimester mo, dahil mainit daw ito sa katawan pati na yung dates. The rest naman daw pwede kainin as long as controlled mo. Anything that is too much is bad. Kasi nga naman di mo mapipigil sarili mo during your early weeks dahil eto yung stage na nagke-crave ka. I even asked her kung okay lang mag-coffee at softdrinks, she said yes, as long as once in a while lang. Been into softdrinks and coffee during those weeks and so far nung routine scan ko naman on the 20th week, in normal condition naman ang baby ko pati yung measurement niya. Madami lang talagang kasabihan eh na kung susundin mo lahat ikaw ang kawawa, baka nga lumabas ang anak mong nakadila lagi hehehe!

Orange is good for the skin ng baby. Madaming nag-advice sa akin niyan. Milk is very important din para sa calcium ninyong dalawa. Coz what happens kung kulang ka dito, yung calcium ng nanay, yun ang inaabsorb ng bata, so kung kulang ka ang nanay ang mawawalan. That's according to the book I am reading. Almonds naman ay good for the brain ng baby. Saka daw yung nutrition na nakukuha sa almonds ay katumbas ng breastmilk.

11-30-2005, 09:34 PM
limit yourself from any kind of liver...its not so good if u eat too much..

EDD: 26 Feb 2006
27wks w/baby boy

11-30-2005, 09:50 PM
@ Greenpoison : I've found this, baka isa ito sa hinahanap mo : A Tale Of Two Births
Two Generations Of Filipina Women (

12-02-2005, 01:18 PM
@Mommy Grazita @ Mommy Mitchteryosa @Mommy Greenpoison - Kamusta naman kayong mga byuting buntis,mabuti naman at okay ka well buti ka pa marunong kang mag gantsilyo ako eh hindi paano ba yon at hindi ka ba napapagod? Kasi may work ka then mananahi ka? Hinay hinay lang ha kasi kailangan mo rin ng pahinga lalo na at super work ka. Well, swerte ang baby ko kasi hindi na kami gumastos na bumili ng car seat, baby stroller, play pen dahil super mahal yon dito binigay ng mga kaibigang pinoy sa hubby ko mga bago pa nga yong iba.

Natutuwa ako na minsan eh natatakot noon kung tama bang sundin yong mga kasabihan natin pero nasa sayo na yon kasi yong iba ay hindi naman totoo. About sa pagkain ng mga yon eh ay okay lang yon kasi yon ang kailangan mo talaga dahil para maging maganda ang development ng baby. Wag masyadong kumain ng marami tama lang para madaling maidigest ka agad. Nagkakaroon ba kayo ng heartburn? Kasi ako noon eh lagi akong may heartburn lalo na kapag napapadami ang kain ko, well natatanggal lang yon kapag umiinom ako ng gatas, tums and sprite.

12-02-2005, 04:46 PM
hi mga pretty mommies!

naku sensya na ngayon lang ako nagpost. schedule ng check-up ko kahapon absent ako. ang sungit ng bago kong Dr. madre at chinese pero magaling kaso kahapon mukhang feeling ko pagod na siya ng tingnan ako kasi biruin nyo ba nman 4 na cesarean yung sked nya nung hapon. i gained 4lbs at healthy nman heartbeat ng baby ko. everything is ok sabi nya lang i should eat more vegetables and fruits, 3-4 glasses of milk a day at ang mga warnings NO SWEETS, NO SALTY FOODS AT NO SEX:rolleyes: (na 5 times nya ata sinabi) di ba hindi bawal yun? o discriminating lang siya dahil sa nakita niya civil status ko and she's a catholic nun. feeling ko in a way sinesermunan nya ako... :umm:

alam nyo masarap manahi kaso ngayon di na ako makatagal dahil mas mabilis sumakit ang likod ko. so far 2 kurtina at 2 hanging organizers pa lang natatahi ko. this weekend target ko tapusin yung bedsheet ko at 2 pang kurtina at mga pillow cases.

grasya grazita :luvstrk:

12-02-2005, 04:47 PM
welcome greenpoison! masaya usapan dito nakakawala ng pagod at nakakagaan sa pakiramdam at isa pa magaganda ang mga mommies dito

grasya grazita

12-03-2005, 02:09 PM
Sinisipon pa din ako! :( Lamig na kasi eh!

Guess what? October 27 I had my last check-up, I was weighing 51.9, kagabi naisipan kong mag-weigh, 57 kgs ako agad in just one month? Okay lang ba yan? Di ba sobra ata yun in just a month?

12-04-2005, 06:32 PM
I had my check-up last night. My doctor advised me to cut down from eating sweets hehehe! :p

12-04-2005, 07:32 PM
Okay lang yon Mommy MItchteryosa it means ay lumalaki ang baby mo, ilang buwan ka na nga uli? About naman sa sipon normal lang yan daw kasi humihina ang immune system mo para protektahan ang baby mo just always drink plenty of water or juices lalo na ang vitamin C and also your vitamins mo kailangang kailangan mo yan. Naku ako noon gustong gusto ko ng ice cream at cheesecake noon kaya kapag namimili kami ng hubby ko laging hindi kami pumupunta sa huling aisle ng supermarket dahil kapag nakita ko yong ice cream at cheese cake hindi ko mapigilan. Tumigil lang ako na kumain non noong 39 weeks ko at ng sabihan ako ng OB ko noon na iinduce ako ng maaga para daw hindi ako mahirapan lalo na raw at payat ako. TAkot ako noon kaya ang kain ko lang noon ay yong vegggies, brown rice, oats fruits, meats and fish. Hindi na yong mga dapat na nakakataba masyado. I hope na maging okay ka.

12-04-2005, 08:38 PM
@ Maureen : 32 weeks and 5 days na ako today. Sabagay sabi nga nila ang pregnant daw has to gain at least 12 kgs during the entire pregnancy. I've already gained more than 13 kgs from the beginning as of this moment.

Hilig ko din ang cheesecake kasi madalas yan ang dessert namin dito pag lunch.

12-04-2005, 10:16 PM
Okay lang ang kumain nang sweet mitch huwag nga lang marami.
My tip sa iyo: Huwag kamutin tiyan mo pag kumakati...magkakaroon ka nang birth marks....(which is very ugly sometimes) try yong suklay daw ang ikamot mo sa tiyan mo to avoid birth marks...iyan ang advice nang mom ko noong nagbubuntis me sa mga kids ko.

12-04-2005, 10:28 PM
Di po ako nagkakamot talaga, aware ako diyan, takot ko lang pumanget tiyan ko hehehe! Saka mahigpit din magbantay asawa ko pag nasa bahay, concern sya sa tiyan ko nyahahaha!

Pero may stretch marks na talaga ako, di naman daw naiiwasan yun lalo na sa case ko na payat. :(

12-04-2005, 10:30 PM
Buti na lang magaling ang guwardiya mo....
Ako kahit may 2 anak....malinis ang tiyan ko......gusto mong makita....(f4yes only) hihihi

12-05-2005, 07:09 AM
Mitchteryosa - ako rin magaling ang bantay ko noon try mo ang Palmers na lotion para maiwasan ang stretch marks kasi ako wala akong stretch marks ngayon promise.Dont worry na mag gain ka ng weight kasi by the end of your pregnancy ay bababa ang weight gaya ko noon. :D

12-05-2005, 01:43 PM

stretch marks? hmmm... sabi nila depende yan sa skin type kung magkakaron ka. importante kasi na di magdry yung skin dahil during our pregnancy prone tayo sa skin dehydration.

mommy mitch try mo yung coco butter mabango pa ang amoy yun nga lang mag-aamoy coconut ka. yun kasi ginagamit ko at gustong-gusto ko amoy niya. yun nga inaamoy ko kapag nasusuka ako e!

mommy grasya grazita

12-05-2005, 02:40 PM
Thanks sa tips niyo! Pero for me, I really don't mind! Kung magkakaron, kaya kong tanggapin, besides trademark na yan ng isang nanay di ba? :p

12-12-2005, 02:40 PM
Thought you might want to have a copy of the birthing plan (

12-12-2005, 04:04 PM
mommy mitch para ba itong last will and testament? sabi kasi nung boss ko when she got pregnant with her first child gumawa sya ng will just in case daw something happened.

12-12-2005, 04:09 PM
I have no idea. Kakasubscribe ko lang, still waiting for the copy. But I don't think para siyang will. Palagay ko guidelines yan para sa panganganak.

12-12-2005, 04:51 PM
natanggap mo na ba yung form from birthing plan? la pa ko nare-recieve?

12-12-2005, 07:20 PM
Attached ko dito yung birthing plan.

12-12-2005, 09:58 PM
Check this out : Very Best Baby (

12-14-2005, 02:16 PM
Since yesterday nakakaramdam na ako ng pain. Yung sakit na parang gumuguhit pababa hanggang sa may vagina. Pero nawala din nung hapon, basta na-noticed ko lang hirap na akong humiga at bumangon.

Sabi nila sa akin dito baka daw manganak ako before the year ends kasi daw ang baba na ng tiyan ko. Baka daw nagkamali ako sa bilang, hehehe! Posible ba yun?

Can somebody tell me ano yung pain na yun, bakit may ganun? Feeling ko sasabog tiyan ko eh!

12-15-2005, 03:52 PM
Hello mga moms, sensya na d ako nagpopost or even reply,though sumisilip nmn ako here.. busy lng kc pagsho-shopping online ng baby things hehehe..sarap magshop no!

anyways, musta nmn kayong lahat? sana buti kayo..

12-15-2005, 03:55 PM
start na pala ng simbang gabi mamaya ano! nakakamiss talaga yung sa atin..

12-20-2005, 08:33 PM
hello po mga moms!!! musta po kayong lahat? Hope u r all doin great! Pasko na at sana maligaya tayong lahat at mag enjoy dahil nxt yr(sa mga 1st time moms), mas masaya pa dahil may kasama na tayong bata..hehehe:up:

Happy Holidays!!!

12-21-2005, 12:22 PM
Kamusta na ang mga beauty Mommy ngayon? Pasensya na at ngayon lang uli ako nakpag post dahil super busy sa baby ko at malapit na ang pasko. Kamusta naman ang pakiramdam nyo?

@mitchteryosa - Ilang buwan na po iyan? Kasi kapag malapit ka nang manganak ay doon ka na makakamdam ng Braxton Hicks contractions para prepare para sa panganganak mo sa una hindi mo nararamdaman ang sakit pero habang palapit nang palapit ang kabuwanan mo ay tumitindi ang contractions mo. Lumalaki na rin ang baby mo kaya medyo hindi na sya makagalaw at pumuposisyon na sya para lumabas kaya may mararamdaman kang pressure sa may vagina mo at puson yon ang ulo nya lalo na kapag naglalakad ka. Kasi ako noon nararamdaman ko eh lalo na kapag malayo na yong nilalakad ko. Pero para makasiguro ka ay kapag masakit na masakit na eh tumawag ka sa OB mo para inform mo sa kanya yong nararamdaman mo para malaman nya.

Happy Holidays sa mga beauty na mga Mommy :D

12-21-2005, 02:32 PM
Hi all!

@ Maureen : Oo nga, when I was reading the book again, nabasa ko nga yang Braxton na yan. Kaya pala masakit na at madali na akong mapagod pag naglalakad. Pati talampakan ko nananakit lalo na sa may sakong, kasi mabigat na siya. 35 weeks na po ko. Starting next week, weekly na ang check-up ko.

12-27-2005, 04:06 PM
Had my check-up yesterday. My due date is now changed to 21st January, 3 days earlier than the first expected date. I'm so happy!

Nasa position na daw si Derelle para lumabas at super active.

12-29-2005, 07:51 AM
Kamusta ang Pasko nyo mga mommy?
@mitchteryosa- Naku lapit na palang lumabas ni baby Derelle mo. Nakanda na ba ang gamit na dadalhin mo sa ospital? Para in case na maramdaman mo na manganganak ka na ay dadamputin mo na lang yon. Mabuti naman at nakahanda nang lumabas ang baby mo goodluck at sana ay naging maayos ang panganganak mo.

Pati kay Mommy Grazita at Mommy Greenpoison ay sana ay maging maayos din ang panganganak nyo kaya nyo yan. Lalo na at kapag nakita nyo na ang baby nyo mawawala ang lahat ng paghihirap nyo, yong sinasabi na magiging emosyonal ka ay totoo yon mapapaiyak ka sa sobrang tuwa at last at makikita nyo na ang inaasam asam nyo.

Happy New Year to all Mommy :D

12-29-2005, 03:35 PM
Hi Mommy Maureen!

Ready na ang bags namin, dadamputin at bibitbitin na lang.

Nung buntis ka ba namamanhid din lagi kamay mo or paa? Yung as in diretso at di nawawala?

01-03-2006, 11:24 AM
kamusta ang lahat ng mga mommies? kamusta ang holidays nyo? si mommy mitch kamusta na kaya? di ba kabuwanan na niya?

sana lahat masaya and oks kayo lahat! anyway just dropping by balik na kami ng baby ko sa trabaho. sana balitaan tayo ni mommy mitch.

cheers to a blessed new year!

01-03-2006, 02:06 PM
Happy New Year din sa inyo mga mommies! I was in the hospital yesterday. Check-up ko and admitted there at the same time for an hour. Monitor yung heartbeat ni baby saka contractions ko. I started getting pain kasi yesterday, yung likod ko at balakang. Then the doctor did an internal examination and only an inch gap is left for the baby to come out kaya anytime daw expect na manganganak na ako. Nagmamadali ata ang baby ko hehehe!

Pero pumasok ako today kasi kelangan akong maghandover ng mga files and pendings works. At may aasikasuhin pa din ako dito sa office.

Any updates malalaman niyo thru Ycrem.

01-14-2006, 09:49 PM
Hi everyone!.... Im Sharon 30, im 6 weeks preggy...first pregnancy....great reading helpful tips on this site....

Anyone from Melbourne?

01-24-2006, 05:14 PM
hi all :) i'm 22 and 13 weeks into my pregnancy due on the 26th of July, it's my first pregnancy & i'm worried since i've experienced bleeding. It started when i was 7 weeks pregnant. I was wondering if this will cause malformations in my baby since the first trimester is the critical part in a pregnancy...i just wanna hear about successful pregnancies even in these tough times.

Thanks a bunch! Congartulations to all.

01-24-2006, 06:14 PM
hi mommies! been reading your post..i had fun reading them~
thanks sa tips ha...
pareho pala tayo grazita...i'm also not married..but i have my bf pa...
we r not ready pa kse...
how many months ka na?!

01-24-2006, 07:55 PM
hi everyone,

Bit worried lately, my ob mentioned that my bladder is big so he told me to have ultrasound, he said it could be 2 babies in my tummy or its just normal, but hes unsure, im scared now. Pero wla nman twins sa fmily ko neither my husband.

I felt a pain in the bottom of my stomach (right side), and prang cramp ung right leg ko and sometimes a pain on the center of my stomach (abdomen), has anyone experienced that?

An advise would be a great help.


01-25-2006, 09:32 AM
:luvstrk: :luvstrk: :luvstrk:

hi sharon...oohhh...twins! i'd love to have twins.
First of congratulations with your baby!

About your stomach pains don't worry too much about it, because
i also experienced a lot of tummy pains in the beginning of my pregnancy. Just try to rest when you do feel the pain. Also, you can ask your hubby for a massage to give yourselves alone time. hehe

If your really concerned ask your OB.

tke care!

01-25-2006, 08:10 PM
hi mom22,

Thanks for the swift reply!!...hve ultrasound next fri, i hope ill be alright.

Last question, (so bothered ksi, sori being makulit:x ), again have you experience a pain in ur bellybutton?...Cuz ive tried pressing and its a bit painful, is that normal?..

Thanks again!!!..Take care always!!...


01-26-2006, 10:50 AM
hi sharon!

tell me how your sccan goes! hehe..
don't woory 'bout being kulit cuz i know how exciting this can
be for us....
how long gone are you in the pregnancy?
i'm 13 weeks na, but i don't feel any pain sa bellybutton ko, even if
i press can ask the doctor when you go this friday.
i don't think it's any cause of alarm though..
are you in melbourne? cuz u asked that once........


01-26-2006, 07:03 PM

im 2 months pregnant, i called my mom last night she said might be a gas pain, cuz im acidic since then, and i cant eat rice now that im pregy feel like throwing up. I always have soup with egg or noodle soup.

yup im in melbourne, i thought some of the kuro members are from here cuz i read some of their letters before, one mentioned about the Royal Hospital here so...

its hard to get up every morning, want to stop from going to work, maybe on my 5th month, med check here is very expensive like 4thou pesos (100 aussie here,geez), u can go to some public hospital but u cant have ur own ob that is consistent, u know like ur check up everymonth. Its better to have ur own ob like in Phils. since this is my first baby.

the problem is if u have a private doctor sometimes they wont be there to deliver ur baby they just let those doctors who are on duty do the thing, and u still have to pay them its useless and they will just be requested if you have some complications. And bit expensive, but its really nice here cuz the government have this bonus for every women who gave birth, 5thousand dollars and an allowance for ur baby until 18 yrs old. So its good!
My GP told me that it doesnt matter if i will have the baby in public hospital cuz it would be the same with a private doctor as my friends advised me to do so. But im still unsure.

Anyways, bka bored:bored: ka na sa letter ko ha!...How about you?...How dyo feel now, better as those 1st trimester?....

Til then, ill keep you posted on my checkup...Take care always!:x


01-27-2006, 09:39 AM
hi shar!

gud morning :) yup, like you i didn't feel like having rice the first 3 months..imagine, i lost weight because of that! hehe..i can only eat fruits cuz that's what doesn't make me sick....when i was 2 months along, i often felt dizzy and sleepy! Are you also like that? Also, i have this bad temper (hmm..until now). haha

Have you been in melbourne long? So your gonna raise you baby there?

I'm glad i have a private OB here, and she would be the one to deliver my baby. The good thing is she's a friend pa of my mom so i know i can trust her with my baby..
Anyway, i think public hospitals there are competent right? Not like the one's here in the, ur given allowances? that's good. Tax payers really see where their money is going.

I'm doin' ok now....i have occassional back pains but it's ok. Hopefully i'll be allowed to walk around already! There has been no bleeding for about 3 weeks now....

Keep me posted!!

Godbless :)

01-27-2006, 06:26 PM
Hi mga moms! hope you're all doin great as well as your babies..
i'll be due soon feb 26, be visiting my OBGYNE again 2moro. sana okay parin ang lahat..

I wonder if nanganak na si Mitch, i think so!! congrats Mitch.. Hope your fine as well as your little precious..

Take care of yourselves..:cool:

Happy Year of the dog!!!

01-28-2006, 09:54 AM
hi greenpoison! wow...malapit ka na pala manganak.....
ready na ba bags mo for the hospital?

i'm new here eh..been looking or a filipino forum na may pregnancy tips!
hehehe...ei if u don't mind me askin', did you gain a lot of weight? kase i'm really afraid na tataba ako tapos i have a c sec na......:-/

ei i hope u can give me tips! hehe

kung hei fat choi! godbless!!

01-31-2006, 07:31 PM
Hi Van!

Sorry jst reply now, im not feeling well last 2 days and bit busy at work, but i feel better now...

Glad to hear that ur ok na... Just take a lot of rest....

Yup, im going to raise my baby here, were planning to sponsor someone in phils., but were not really sure about it for now and maybe will put the baby in childcare when i start working.

Ur first pregnancy 2, isnt it?...How many months na?....

Ill let u know of my ultrasound on Fri...

Ciao!...You take care always!!!


01-31-2006, 09:38 PM
I'm glad your feeling much better now..morning sickness is tough especially if your working! hehe..but it's manageable.

yup, it's my first...currently i'm in my 14th 2 weeks i will have another scan & may know by then the gender of my baby! yipeee....

Hope everything goes well with your ultrasound!

Take care :)

02-02-2006, 05:18 AM
hey there mga mommies,,

ako rin sali dito.. he he he nasa 12 weeks na ako at grabee as in sobra ang hirap pala mabuntis. hu hu hu hindi talaga maiwasan umiyak kasi evrytime na kumain ako inilalabas ko lang (isinusuka) hindi lang morning sickness. according 2 my ob after 12 weeks hindi na raw ako gaano makkramdam ng ganito.

02-02-2006, 01:39 PM
hi marie...

yup, ako rin eh, between 7-12 weeks hindi ako masyado kumakain cz wala akong gana, tapos parang ang feeling hindi masarap lahat ng food kahit gano ko pa ka favorite noon..nyahahaha..but ok lang yan, 14 weeks na ako ngaun tapos OK na ang feeling ko...hindi na ako nauseated, hindi na rin ako laging inaantok at nwala na diarrhea ko..(excuse the term).

Congratulations nga pala sa baby mo ha! First time mo?!

Hindi naman cya mahirap eh...exciting nga....nkapa ultrasound ka na?

02-03-2006, 09:06 PM

yap!!! you are right kakaexcited a lot of experience na talagang kakaiba.Still early pa raw sabi ng ob ko for ultra sound. sana nga i feel better after 12 weeks kasi nga wala apetite. am anemic ano kaya pwede kainin except ampalaya lagi me nauubusan sa asian store. Hirap maghanap ng pinoy na pagkain dito it takes 1 hour by train ang asian store at pipikit na lang ako pag nagbayad kasi its **** expensive, kailangan lang talaga mapagbigyan ang dila he he he (naglalaway) pag di nakain ang gusto. I imagine kung paano you gumising in the morning kasi you are working and im studying (lagi nga lang absent) pumapasok me sa school na walang laman ang tiyan coz takot lang ako na magkalat sa school sa breaktime water, cracker or fruits, kaya nahihilo ang beauty ng lola. I hate fresh veggies kung kailan kailangan kumain. May santol at singkamas na ba dyan sa pinas he he he....
By the way goodluck na lang sa ating lahat na mga mommies to be.

02-03-2006, 10:04 PM
as in goodluck sa atin! :) nyahaha.... ka na lang ng crackers pag gutom ka, nkakawala ng pagsusuka yun, then what i did was i ate a lot of fruits can do that also.
you're working and schooling? wow......u have to take it easy first 16 weeks ok?
i don't want you to go through like what i went through....nag bleeding kse ako
early part ng pregnancy ko.....:)
i think ang santol summer pa, ung singkamas meron, i just had one yesterday.
Yong palaging kinakain ko ung green mangoes! yum !!
well i had my scan na at 7 weeks and 10 cuz nag bleeding nga ako...
check out the pic nasa thread ng photo oppss sa shout.

take care! hope to hear from you soon!

02-03-2006, 10:12 PM
hi greenpoison! wow...malapit ka na pala manganak.....
ready na ba bags mo for the hospital?

i'm new here eh..been looking or a filipino forum na may pregnancy tips!
hehehe...ei if u don't mind me askin', did you gain a lot of weight? kase i'm really afraid na tataba ako tapos i have a c sec na......:-/

ei i hope u can give me tips! hehe

kung hei fat choi! godbless!!

Hi mga mom's..musta kayong lahat..

hi mom22, im not really sure how many kg i gained kc mataba na talaga ako(since i got married more than 5yrs ago)and kc i didn't know that i was pregnant. we only found out when i was 16wks(4mos na) that whole 16wks, i was sick everytime, flu comes and go and i was really weak, i was even taking anti biotics that doctor has given me(am so bad,dko man lang alam na buntis n pala ako after waitin for soooooo longg,5yrs).
i had vomitted few times lang,bilang talaga, though mahilig ako kumain in d morning nun. pro no idea parin na preggy na pala ako. i was evan running in the stairs as in grabe talaga so glad that my baby knows that we've been waiting for him & he keep on hanging hehe..

02-03-2006, 10:17 PM
that's good to hear that greenpoison!
i know your baby will grow up strong :) kumapit talaga! hehehe

ngaun 14 weeks na ako......xcited to reach the 16 week mark! maybe by then i would know the gender of the baby.....
kaw? when did you know the baby's sex?

02-03-2006, 10:39 PM
hello mga buntis,

went for my chek up last sat & baby weighs 2.8kg @ 36wks... so far everything is ok and sana till the end.. :)
got no water retention pa naman, pero sa umaga medyo manghihina mga hands but after sometime madyo nagiging ok din. i got lots of stretch marks w/c started when i was 7mos+ even though nag aaply ako ng preggy cream/balm since after 16wks,nung nalamna kong buntis ako. pro d rin pala ganun ka effective pro oks lng tanggapin nalang,mahanpi pa nga minsan eh, apply prin pra kahit pano d mag dry..

moms, add nyo naman ako sa mga YM nyo pra we can share pics na buntis & i can show u 3D scan pic ni baby ko..

ingat kayo & ur babies..